db Programme | Belt and Road Summit 2020


1 Dec (Tue) – Day 2

Online Broadcast
Thematic Breakout Session 6
The Future of Green: Sustainable Infrastructure Financing

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In times of disruption, sustainable investment that is well-planned and future-focused is likely to be more resilient to climate and economic impacts. Investment in resilience is also cost-effective. According to the World Bank, developing countries alone could see US$4.2 trillion of benefit from investing in more resilient infrastructure – a return of $4 for every $1 invested. It is thus crucial to facilitate more capital flows towards sustainable and resilient projects in emerging markets, especially as post-Covid-19 economic recovery has offered an invaluable chance for countries to “build back better”.

The HKMA has been at the forefront of accelerating the growth of green and sustainable finance. In May 2020, HKMA together with 6 local regulatory bodies established a Cross-Agency Steering Group to co-ordinate the management of climate and environmental risks to the financial sector in Hong Kong.

The Centre for Green Finance (CGF), an initiative launched under the HKMA Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office (IFFO), will serve as the focal point for capacity building and experience sharing, will also be responsible for promoting capacity and expertise in Green Finance. As a leading green and sustainable finance centre in Asia and globally, Hong Kong is well positioned to facilitate investments and financing into sustainable and resilient projects.

This panel, comprising public and private stakeholders along the investment value chain, will look into the importance of environment and resilience considerations in green financing and share best practices and experience.

    Panel Chair
    Mr Rami Hayek
    Senior Advisor (Market Outreach Division, External Department),
    Hong Kong Monetary Authority

    Mr Joachim von Amsberg
    Vice President, Policy and Strategy, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

    Mr Bruno Guilloton
    Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, AXA Investment Managers

    Ms Grace Hui
    Managing Director, Head of Green and Sustainable Finance, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

    Mr Adrian Khoo
    Managing Director, Co-Head of Asia Debt Capital Markets, Loans & Acquisition Finance, Citigroup

Thematic Breakout Session 7
Hong Kong as a Capital Raising and Financing Centre to Drive Robust and Sustainable Growth of Belt and Road Post COVID-19

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The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is causing far-reaching uncertainty over global economy, including that of the Belt and Road Initiative. Infrastructure and construction projects, as well as production work in the region have been substantially halted due to lockdowns, travel restrictions and disruptions to supply chains. These call into question as to how growth can sustain and recovery be achieved. Equally important is how countries can continue to benefit from and contribute to the development of Belt and Road.

The financial services industry of Hong Kong has been demonstrating a high level of resilience since the pandemic outbreak. This session will look into how Hong Kong can sustain and strengthen its role as a financing centre for the Belt and Road by unlocking new opportunities for long-term growth and improving resilience to cope with challenges ahead. It aims to explore:

  • the business opportunities of asset and wealth management along the Belt and Road;
  • how FinTech can boost financial inclusion and aid recovery in the Belt and Road;
  • policy and regulatory support to drive and enable robust growth; and
  • sustainable development of the Belt and Road.

    Welcome Remarks
    Mr Chengwen Zhuo
    Chairperson, The Hong Kong Association of Banks

    Opening Remarks
    Dr Au King-lun, MH
    Executive Director & Board Member, Financial Services Development Council

    Panel Chair
    Ms Diana Cesar
    Group General Manager, HSBC and Chief Executive, Hong Kong, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

    Mr Peter Burnett
    Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited; Chairman, The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

    Mr Leiming Chen
    Senior Vice President, Ant Group

    Ms Ding Chen
    Chief Executive Officer, CSOP Asset Management Limited

    Mr Jonathan Drew
    Managing Director, ESG Solutions, Global Banking, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Thematic Breakout Session 8
Sustaining Hong Kong’s Role as a Risk Management Centre for the Belt and Road Initiative

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This thematic breakout session intends to discuss the implications of the latest macro environment on the Belt and Road Initiative (“BRI”) and how Hong Kong can sustain its risk management role under the new trend, with a focus on the following issues:

  1. Amidst increasing uncertainties due to COVID-19 pandemic, global economic downturn and intensified geopolitical tensions earmarked by US-China animosity, what is the new risk landscape for Mainland enterprises investing in overseas BRI projects?
  2. What would the return of US-listed Chinese companies to HK/China markets and the "dual circulation" strategy mean for China’s outward foreign investment under BRI?
  3. What could be done to strengthen the attributes of Hong Kong’s financial services sector for BRI by integrating the value propositions of banking and the (re)insurance sectors in enterprise financing and risk transfer, and by improving Hong Kong’s position as a treasury centre for Mainland enterprises?
  4. How do we make BRI a sustainable growth driver for Hong Kong? Do we have the right solutions?

    Panel Chair
    Mr Simon Lam Sui-kong
    Executive Director (General Business), Insurance Authority, Hong Kong

    Mr Rohan Bhappu
    Chief Executive Officer, Marsh (Hong Kong) Limited

    Mr Chen Gong
    Chairman and General Manager, CNOOC Insurance Limited

    Mr Clarence Wong
    Chief Economist, Peak Re

    Mr Peter WM Wong
    Executive Director, Structured Solutions Development, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Project Pitching Session 2
Transport & Logistics Infrastructure
Thematic Breakout Session 9
Navigating Post-pandemic Belt and Road: Insights from Start-ups and Young Business Leaders

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In Belt and Road markets and beyond, this year has been unimaginably tough for many young entrepreneurs and business leaders. Who could have predicted a global social and economic meltdown so devastating? The most historic downturn since the Great Depression has disrupted aspiring dreams and undertakings – and tested problem-solving to the limit. How to respond calmly, turning crisis into opportunity, is more crucial than ever. In this inspiring session, enterprising ‘wunderkinds’ from various sectors share secrets of their survival and success – with tips on navigating a challenging world by leveraging Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area business advantages.

    Panel Chair
    Professor KC Chan, GBS, JP
    Chairman of WeLab Bank and Senior Advisor of WeLab

    Dato’ Chevy Beh
    Founder & CEO, BookDoc

    Mr Keenan Kwok
    CEO & Founder, Getlinks Inc

    Mr James Law, JP
    CEO & Founder, James Law Cybertecture International Holdings Ltd;
    CEO & Co-Founder, homeD

    Mr Zvi Schreiber
    CEO, Freightos Group

    Mr Danny Yeung
    CEO & Co-Founder, Prenetics Group

    Mr Timothy Yu
    Founder & CEO, Snapask

Project Pitching Session 3
Energy, Natural Resources & Public Utilities
17:00- 18:00
Project Pitching Session 4
Urban Development
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