Through synergy, anything we do will be more effective and have bigger impact. This is one of the most important lessons of this pandemic. And we can apply this lesson in many other areas, including the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation. The key to BRI cooperation is synergy.

H.E. Ir. H. Joko Widodo
President, Republic of Indonesia

Hong Kong also has a defining role in the Belt and Road Initiative, as its primary platform. Building on its economic strengths and local talent, Hong Kong can connect the various Belt and Road partners, which includes assistance with Chinese investments in such overseas countries as Hungary.

Mr Péter Szijjártó
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary

Attending the Summit allows me to hear and see something that I would not have thought of, for example UAE being the hub for going into Africa. Maybe we thought about it, but not really listening from a speaker. This kind of interaction is very important to allow me as an audience to have a wider perspective. This is a very very good way of having a hybrid model.

Mr Sunny Tan
Executive Vice President,
Luen Thai Holdings Limited

The forum was the best it could be given the circumstances. It was not the same but the medium of delivery allowed me to attend multiple sessions whilst also presenting at Pitch sessions.

Mr Paul Raftery
Executive Director, Projects RH Pty Ltd

I think the Belt and Road Summit always gives us a good macro perspective of what is happening in the market.

Mr Keenan Kwok
CEO & Founder, Getlinks Inc

Reflecting on the last two days, we are able to get speakers from multiple geographies and disciplines that might not be ordinarily have been able to be part of the two days filled with activities so I think in fact as you look at it, it’s something that worked out very well and the organiser has done a tremendous job lining up an exemplary line of speakers with great insights.

Mr Rohan Bhappu
Chief Executive Officer, Marsh (Hong Kong) Limited

My participation at the Summit today went very well, and the guidance by supporting staff and the connection were smooth. Under the new normal of the epidemic, this online conference model is an effective way of regular communication and information sharing. Online activities are more efficient and less likely to be affected by external influences.

Mr Wang Hao
Deputy General Manager, Powerchina Resources Limited;
Deputy General Manager, Sinohydro (Hong Kong) Holding Ltd